Cập Nhật Đề Thi IELTS Writing Tháng 5/2016

IELTS Thư Đặng- Cập nhật đề thi IELTS Writing Task + Task 2 tháng 5/2016


Đề thi IELTS ngày19/05/2016:

- Task 1: Table
- Task 2: It is observed that in many countries not enough students are choosing to study science subject. What are causes? And wat will be effects on society?


Đề thi IELTS ngày 21/05/2016:

-Task 1: Pie charts.

-Task 2: In developing countries, children in rural communities have less access to education. Some people believe that the problem can be solved by providing more schools and teachers, while others think that the problem can be solved by providing computers and Internet access. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


Đề thi IELTS ngày 28/5/2016:
-Task 1: Bar chart

-Task 2: Nowadays, young people admire media and sports stars though they often do not set a good example. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

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