Lâu lắm rồi mới có đề thi IELTS Writing task 1 mà " khoai sắn" thế này.  Các bạn cùng IELTS Thư Đặng tìm hiểu cách giải bộ đề thi IELTS TRÊN MÁY TÍNH KHÓ NHẰN này nhé. 


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"The graphs below show the development of the cutting tools made by stone, one was made 1.4 million years ago, and the other was made 800 thousand years ago, viewing from back view, front view and side view. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant."




The given diagram illustrates the cutting stone tool and how it was advanced, from 1.4 million years ago to 800 thousand years ago. It can be clearly seen that the stone tool was improved into a sharper and better one, over the years.

The stone tool made 1.4 million years ago was more rounded at the top and bottom edges. From the front and the back view of the tool it is clear that the diameter in the middle was almost 5 cm and towards the top and bottom, it was around 3 cm wide. The side view shows that the tool was wider in the middle, with a diameter of around 3 cm and it tapered towards the top and the bottom ends. The back of the stone had fewer cuts than the front and they were also not very fine.

800 thousand years ago, this tool developed into a sharper, more refined tool. In the front and the back view it can be seen that the maximum diameter of the tool was the same as in the older tool, but it was more towards the lower side. The bottom tapered into a 1 cm point, but the top tapered more sharply into a 1 cm point. The side view makes it clear that it was much lesser in width (1.5 cm) than the older tool. The stone was more chiseled than the previous one.


Nguồn bài viết: ieltsmaterial.com


Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2( 18/12/2018)

In many countries, the increase in life expectancy means that people have to work until they are older to help pay their retirement. An alternative would be a positive or negative development?

( đề này giống đề thi IELTS  Writing  ngày 21/9/2017)

Phân tích:

  1. Dạng đề: is this a positive or negative?

A alternative would be a positive or negative development?

  1. Phương pháp làm bài:

Với dạng bài tập này, các bạn có thể chọn một trong các hướng viết sau:

  1. Chọn viết về positive development.
  2. Chọn viết về negative development.
  3. Viết về cả hai hướng.

Thắc mắc của học viên tại IELTS Thư Đặng:

Câu hỏi: Em nên chọn cách viết nào trong 3 cách trên thì tốt?

Trả lời: Bạn có thể chọn cách viết nào trong 3 cách trên đều được hết, bởi vì tùy theo trường hợp đề bài cụ thể, chứ IELTS Thư Đặng cũng không thể khuyên bạn linh tinh nên chọn cách nào là tối ưu được.

Chúng ta cùng phân tích đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 18/12/2018 :

Topic: In many countries, the increase in life expectancy means that people have to work until they are older to help pay their retirement. One alternative is that people start to work at a younger age. Is this alternative  a positive or negative development?

Gợi ý: Với dạng bài Opinion sẽ cho phép người viết phân tích cả về mặt lợi và bất lợi của việc bắt đầu đi làm ở độ tuổi trẻ hơn trước khi đưa ra quan điểm của mình hoặc người viết có thể chỉ phân tích một hướng.

Cách 1: chọn đồng ý hoàn toàn với mặt tích cực của xu hướng này.

Working at an early age can be a double-edged sword. Some people argue that young peope may get lower education and even get into trouble with drugs and alcohol as a result of after-school jobs, but for many, the benefits outweigh the potential risks for some reasons:

Body 1:  Nêu lý do tại sao đi làm sớm sẽ mang lại lợi ích bên trong.

(Starting an earlier career reaps plenty of benefits that affect a person’s life  internally ). Internally:  people can gain work ethic, which may benefit to a person’s ability to succeed in life: dedication for retirement, perseverance to get the job finished, how to manage time and deadlines, responsibility and accountability, confidence, earning money offers an opportunity for financial education,…

Body 2:  Nêu lý do tại sao đi làm sớm sẽ mang lại lợi ích bên ngoài.

Externally: easily seen for tangible benefits that people gain from work: skills for future career, building valuable work experience, being more stable and secure lifestyle, a steady income at an early age, avenues for work networking for potential promotions and raised, respect from peers, family, and elders.

Cách 2:  Chọn không đồng tình với mặt tích cực của xu hướng này.

Nghĩa là: việc đi làm sớm để giúp cho việc nghỉ hưu sau này không phải là ý kiến hay bời vì:

Body 1: if people start work when they are younger => they will have a less educated workforce.

Body 2:  A better alternative is to allow young people to get more educated before entering the workforce.

Lưu ý: Tình trạng chung rất phổ biến ở các bạn thí sinh đang luyện thi IELTS là cạn ý tưởng, mặc dù các bạn rất hiểu phương pháp và cách tiếp cận với từng dạng câu hỏi trong IELTS writing. Nhưng sự thật, đến khi đặt tay viết câu và phát triển ý tưởng là các bạn bị “bí ideas, bí từ vựng, cấu trúc ngữ pháp,..”.

Các bạn đừng quá lo lắng nhé, hãy chịu khó dành thời gian đọc thêm những bài article về chủ đề các bạn đang nghiên cứu viết để có thêm ý tưởng nhé.

Ví dụ:

What Are the Benefits of Early Career Exploration?

by Sam Ashe-Edmunds


Mapping out a career course and strategy to meet your goals is especially helpful early in your career because you won’t have to go back and retrace your steps later in life. Planning a personal development path as you are starting out in the working world will help you consider internships and job offers better, take advantage of learning opportunities and build a strong network.

Career Path

Exploring your career lets you map out a path starting from low-level positions all the way to executive management or ownership. If you wait until you are already at a management level to change careers, you might have to start over at a lower position or pay if you don’t have the specific skills and experience for that profession or industry. If you’re in school, career planning will help you pick the best summer jobs and internships to help you get future jobs you want.

Fewer Restrictions

Younger people, especially those who are single, have fewer financial and family obligations than older workers. This will allow you to make a move to another state and take a job that could help you climb the corporate ladder, work for less money in exchange for experience or work evenings and weekends to get experience that will build your resume.

Training and Learning Opportunities

The earlier you start building your skills, the better. Some professions reward workers who attain licenses or certificates that can take years to earn. The farther along in your personal and professional life, the more difficult this might be. Companies might be more willing to train younger workers who are more likely to stay with a company than are older employees. If you see that a job you would some day like requires knowledge of a certain software program or other skills, you can start learning those skills so you’re prepared and qualified when that job opens. If you begin focusing on specific careers in college, you will be better able to choose a major, minor, elective classes and perhaps make better decision on which clubs to join.


Senior professionals will be less nervous about giving career information and a helping hand if a worker is clearly not ready to steal their job. Older workers might also be more flattered and likely to act as mentors to young workers. Start asking for informational interviews, power lunches or mentorships with people who have jobs you would like to hold some day.

Recovery from Mistakes

Successful people learn from their mistakes. If you make a mistake in your work at an early age, it will probably be less damaging, especially if you are at a lower level within the company. Your mistake might also be forgotten in several years by the time you’re ready to be considered for management. Mistakes also make you more experienced, and the sooner you make them the more knowledgeable you are, the fewer mistakes you will make the better you will be able to perform.

( nguồn tham khảo: https://work.chron.com/)





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