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Đây là cuốn sách IELTS Writing đầu tiên có số lượng các bài mẫu IELTS essays nhiều nhất của các IELTS Examiners



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Trong vô số những cuốn tài liệu học viết IELTS Writing trên thị trường, thật là hoang mang khi bạn không biết nên chọn tài liệu học IELTS Writing nào phù hợp với bạn, và liệu đó có phải là cuốn tài liệu hướng dẫn học viết IELTS hay, uy tín và chất lượng hay không?

Bên cạnh đó, các bạn nên chọn sách học viết IELTS hay hướng dẫn viết IELTS kèm theo những tiêu chí như:  tài liệu đó có giúp bạn học được phương pháp làm bài IELTS Writing tốt không, bạn có mở rộng được vốn từ vựng Academic trong văn viết IELTS không.

Lại một lần nữa, IELTS Thư Đặng giới thiệu tới các bạn quyển luyện viết IELTS thần thánh KHÔNG THỂ BỎ QUA của MAT CLARK.

Tại sao quyển sách này lại hay và hữu ích như vậy? 

Cuốn IELTS Writing của Mat Clark tổng hợp hơn 100 đề essays mẫu của chính những IELTS Examibers về các lĩnh vực khác nhau được độc giả đánh giá rất cao và rất sát so với bài thi IELTS thực tế.

Cuốn sách này có 2 điểm rất đặc biệt:

1. Đây là cuốn sách IELTS Writing đầu tiên có số lượng các bài mẫu IELTS essays nhiều nhất của các IELTS Examiners. 


2. Trong mỗi bài essay, tác giả còn chỉ ra cho người học biết đâu là những academic words để giúp bạn đạt điểm cao. Hơn nữa, mối essay, Mat Clark lại paraphrase các academic words nhằm giúp bạn đọc hiểu rõ cách dùng của chúng và đưa những từ với nghĩa tương đương để tránh lặp từ trong bài viết.

Quá tuyệt vời phải không các bạn!

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Tải tài liệu Writing for IELTS miễn phí tại đây: 

Task 1: https://bit.ly/2Ayct7h

Task 2: https://bit.ly/2TD15hn


Topic 001 - Increasing travels between countries enable people to learn different cultures or to increase tension between people from different countries?

Topic 002 - Expansion of international media .

Topic 3 - There is a disagreement on the impact of increased business and culture contact between countries on a country’s identity .

Topic 4 - Some people believe that culture will be ruined if it is used to earn tourism revenue .

Topic 5 - Immigrants should adopt the local culture .

Topic 6 - The advantages of the spread of English as a global language .

Topic 7 - Aircrafts have been increasingly used to transport fruits and vegetables to some countries .

Topic 8 - The money should be spent on improving living standards on Earth*

Topic 9 - Space travel to the Moon is often cited as one giant leap for mankind.

Topic 10 - The government should spend money on public services and facilities, but not on the arts.

Topic 11 - The government should spend money only on medical care and education but not on theatres or sport stadiums.

Topic 12 - The advocates of international aid believe that countries have a moral obligation to help each other.

Topic 13 - The government should pay for health care and education.

Topic 14 - People should keep all the money they earn and should not pay taxes to the state.

Topic 015 - It is widely accepted that people who have post-school qualifications earn a higher salary than those less educated do .

Topic 16 - Only government action can solve housing shortages in big cities.

Topic 17 - Do problems of using mobile phones outweigh the benefits?

Topic 18 - Modern technology has given US more leisure time than before.

Topic 019 - Earlier technological development brought more changes to the life of ordinary people than recent technological development do.

Topic 20 - The fast pace of our everyday life has negative effects on individuals, nations and the globe.

Topic 21 - Without meeting each other face to face.

Topic 22 - Many people are optimistic about the 21st century.

Topic 23 - Many employees may work at home with modern technology.

Topic 24 - The leisure industry is growing rapidly.

Topic 25 - Many people think that public libraries should only provide books and should not waste their money on expensive hi-tech media.

Topic 26 - With the increase in use of mobile phones and computers, fewer people prefer to write letters .

Topic 27 - Some people think that radio has become out-of-date, and there is no need to listen to the radio for entertainment and news.

Topic 028 - People in many countries do not wear their traditional costume .

Topic 029 - Old buildings should be knocked down and give way to the new buildings.

Topic 30 - New buildings should be built in traditional styles

Topic 31 - It is more important for a building to serve its purposes than to look beautiful.

Topic 32 - Do you think a museum is to educate or entertain people?

Topic 33 - People tend to work longer hours nowadays.

Topic 34 - What is the difference between traditional food and fast food?

Topic 35 - Job satisfaction is an important part of individual well-being.

Topic 36 - Some people think that changing jobs periodically is good.

Topic 37 - What are the factors that cause stress and how to cope with stress?

Topic 38 - Fashion is difficult to follow.

Topic 39 - Discuss the reasons why people define happiness differently and how to obtain happiness?

Topic 40 - Telling the truth is not always essential.

Topic 41 - Today, people are getting greedy and selfish.

Topic 42 - Creative artists should be given freedom to express their ideas through words, pictures, music or film.

Topic 43 - The advance of science and technology has a significant impact on people.

Topic 44 - The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television.

Topic 45 - There should be restrictions on a detailed description of crimes in the newspapers and on television.

Topic 46 - We can get knowledge from news, but some people think we cannot trust journalist.

Topic 47 - The news media has influenced people’s lives nowadays.

Topic 48 - There are many advertisements directed at children.

Topic 49 - Do the positive effects outweigh negative effects, when advertising gains in popularity?

Topic 50 - Advertising is discouraging people from being different individuals, and makes people to be or seem to be the same.

Topic 51 - The high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising.

Topic 52 - Advertising encourages customers to buy in quantity not in quality.

Topic 53 - Some industrialised countries have serious environmental problems.

Topic 54 - Environmental problems are serious in many countries.

Topic 55 - Some people believe that air travel should be restricted .

Topic 56 - It is said that the best way to solve the world’s environmental problems is to increase the price of fuel.

Topic 57 - Water resources around the world are falling deficient

Topic 58 - Many people believe that the human society has developed into a throwaway society.

Topic 59 - Food can be produced much more cheaply today because of improved fertilisers and better machinery.

Topic 60 - We should spend money and time on the protection of wild animals.

Topic 61 - Some people strongly oppose animal experimentation.

Topic 62 - Far too little has been done to prevent animals and plants from dying out.

Topic 63 - Some people think that killing animals for food is cruel, but others claim that animals are necessary part of diet.

Topic 64 - Discuss the arguments for and against raising pets.

Topic 65 - New doctors and teachers should be sent to the countryside.

Topic 66 - Some findings have revealed that cities around the world are growing large.

Topic 67 - The only way to improve road safety is to impose severe punishment for driving offences.

Topic 68 - Some people believe that unarmed police are unable to protect citizens.

Topic 69 - Do you think it is better to send criminals to jail or let them receive education or job training?

Topic 70 - Many people are afraid of leaving their houses because of the spread of crimes.

Topic 71 - There are more and more effective security measures in large cities to reduce the crime.

Topic 72 - With the ageing of society, we are now beginning to see a growing interest in further abolishment of mandatory retirement.

Topic 73 - In many countries, the proportion of older people is increasing steadily.

Topic 74 - Older people should live with their families, which is in contrast to the view that older people should live at a nursing home.

Topic 75 - In many countries, women join the army as men do.

Topic 76 - Gender imbalance has long been a general phenomenon not only in the labour market but also in formal education.

Topic 77 - Throughout the history, male leaders often made the society more violent and conflicting.

Topic 78 - Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of playing sports and participating in physical exercises.

Topic 79 - National sports teams and individual athletes who represent their country should be financially supported by the government.

Topic 80 - Do you think that international sports events like the Olympic Games would continue or gradually lose their momentum?

Topic 81 - Wearing uniforms is popular in schools, but some people argue that it might cause damage to children’s individuality.

Topic 82 - Some people think that children should learn to compete.

Topic 83 - Some people believe that educating children altogether will benefit them.

Topic 84 - Some people who have been successful in the society do not attribute their success to the theoretical knowledge they learned at university.

Topic 85 - Education is of vital importance to individual development and the well-being of societies

Topic 086 - Nowadays, some universities offer graduate students skills that assist them to find employment.

Topic 87 - Some people think that teachers should be responsible for teaching students to judge right and wrong and to behave well.

Topic 88 - Education used to be a short period of training, but today, people treat it like a lifelong practice .

Topic 089 - Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

Topic 90 - Some people argue that learning a second language involves learning the culture of the country where this language is spoken.

Topic 091 - Some people argue that history is of little or no use to us .

Topic 092 - Do you think middle school students should study international news as a subject?

Topic 093 - Opinions divide concerning what plays a more important role in people’s personality development, nature or nurture .

Topic 094 - Do you think that parents should be punished if their five-year-old child commits a crime?

Topic 95 - Some scientists believe that studying the behaviour of 3-year-old children can predict their criminality .

Topic 096 - Computers do not help children learn more effectively.

Topic 097 - In modern society, some people argue that schools become unnecessary as children can study at home via the Internet .

Topic 098 - The computer is widely used in education and some people think that teachers will not play important roles in the classroom .

Topic 99 - Do you think corporal punishment is an acceptable way to regulate children’s behaviors?

Topic 100 - It is not uncommon that children are required to obey the rule of their parents and teachers .

Topic 101 - The children who grow up in a family short of money are more capable of dealing with problems in adult life than children who are brought up by wealthy parents *

Topic 102 - Discuss the impacts of an urban environment and those of a rural environment on a child’s character development.

Topic 103 - Do you think it is good to push students to study hard in their youth?

Topic 104 - Some people argue that it is good for children to stay away from their families and go to a boarding school .

Topic 105 - People tend to believe that all young adults should undertake a period of unpaid work for the good of the community .

Topic 106 - Some people think that students benefit greatly from going to private secondary schools .

Topic 107 - Students who graduate from high school should have one year’s time to obtain work experience before going to university .

Topic 108 - In order to improve the quality of education, high school students should be encouraged to evaluate and criticise their teachers .

Topic 109 - Schools should teach children the academic subjects which have a close relationship with their future careers .

Topic 110 - Discuss the causes of rising unemployment among young adults and suggest any solutions.

Topic 111 - In recent years, the proportion of the crimes committed by youngsters is on the rise .

Topic 112 - What are the benefits of requiring young people to serve the army?

Topic 113 - Some people think that distance-learning programmes cannot bring the same benefit as attending colleges or universities does .

Topic 114 - It is argued that university students should study a full range of subjects, instead of some specific subjects .





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