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Trong bài đăng này, IELTS Thư Đặng chia sẻ với các bạn 20 bài mẫu đã được biên soạn với Band điểm 7 IELTS.

Chúng ta cùng xem xét câu hỏi:

The plans below show the site of an airport now and how it will look after redevelopment next year.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Sample No1

The two diagrams illustrate the layout of the Southwest Airport at the present time and how it would extend after enlarging and enriching plan. It can be seen from the schematic representations that a myriad of additional facilities would be built on the airport which could result in a bullish demand.

Firstly, proliferated gates seem too practical to the airport and their Y-shape layout, including 18 gates in comparison to just 8 gates, not only exert a distinctive design but enable airport to host more passengers simultaneously as well and it also would be followed by doubling the departures and arrivals routes. Moreover, the palpable lack of indoor shops along with bag drop segment to attract more passengers and increase dwell time are considered in the new design truly.

Besides, ATM as a negative aspect of the present plan is addressed and it definitely promotes the stature of the airport to an international level. However, the most notable perk of the new design that stems from the intuition of astute professionals could be the placement of the new facilities which do not need a host of transformations and may save more money for the investors.

Words: 280


Sample No2

The provided map illustrates the current layout of an airport and plans for its development in the next year.

Overall, the area is projected to undergo dramatic changes, including the creation of new facilities and relocating some of the amenities provided in the area.

In the next year, the airport will witness the emergence of an additional departure gate and a new arrival gate in the south, a café, a ATM, and a section to hire a car on the east side of the area. Furthermore, a major change of the airport is going to be the creation of 10 additional gates in the north, where there are only 10 gates now.

It can be seen that the check-in section, located in the west, is planned to be demolished to make way for a bag drop section. It is also clear that the café, sited in the center of the area, will be relocated to the north-west side of the airport. Although the location of some of the facilities is planned to be changed, the security, customs, and two-pass port control sections will remain at their current positions in the center.

Words: 191


Sample No3

The maps illustrate the developments which will take place in the southwest airport in the next year.

Overall, what stands out from maps is that, a complete transformation will be happened special in the expanding the gates and add some facilities such as bag drop, ATM and car hire.

It is obvious that, the location of departures and arrivals are remain but it is supposed to place additional doors. As regards to departure section, there are merely a checkin and café, however it is going to install a bag drop instead of check-in and checkin move to opposite side of the hall and café also will be located next to the bag drop in the vicinity of one of departures door. If we look at arrivals section in the future, which is empty currently, there will be an expanding in the bottom of the hall in order to establish a car hire. In addition, a café and ATM will be placed in the right side of section as well.

Security, passport control and customers will be unchanged. However it will be definitely built some shops upon the existing the security section or departure. A significant change will be happened in the access way to the gates. A walk way is going to demolish to make way for sky train. Furthermore, the number of gates plan to be doubled. (8 at the moment and 18 after renovations)

Words: 236


Sample No4

The plans illustrate the current, as well as the next year form of the southwest airport, which is going to be developed.

Overall, the airport will undergo dramatic developments with establishing a number of new facilities, erecting a new runway, and an expansion in the whole airport.

With regard to facilities, the cafe in the departures area will be moved to the southwest side. Meanwhile, the check-in area will be replaced to the east side, making way for a new bag drop. In the arrivals area, a new ATM, cafe, and car hire area are going to be set up in the west side. Furthermore, a number of shops are going to be located to the north of the departures area, behind the security and passport control. Finally, a modern sky train will be laid down in place of the walkway.

As of the expansions, the airport will be able to host more than twice as many planes as it used to be able to host with 18 places in the next year. It is also worth noting that both departures and arrivals entrances are going to have two doors, while there used to be one for each area.

Words: 199


Sample No5

The plans below provide information about the layout of southwest airport now and the way it will look after renovation.

Now, there are a few gates and facilities, but the airport will witness dramatic changes during a year. While there are 8 gates at the airport, the related area will be expanded and there will be 18 gates available. Sky train will be built to replace walkways. Shops will be constructed in the north of the security passport control. A check-in will be constructed on the original site of the café and the café will be relocated next to the passport control customs. Another café will be erected on the left side of the departure doors. The check-in, which is accessible now, will be removed to make way for bag drop. An ATM will be placed on the right side of arrival door, next to new the café. The area between passport control customs and the arrival doors will be expanded and a car hire will be erected on the corner of the area near the ATM.

Overall, there will be more gates and facilities available in the airport as well as more straightforward transportation.

Words: 195


Sample No6

How the site of an airport will alter next year, after redevelopment, is illustrated in the plans.

Generally, it is conspicuous that now there are just some rudimentary facilities although the site will witness dramatic changes by the next year. To elaborate more, security passport control and passport control customs will experience no changes. However, the building of check-in will be expanded and will be turned over to a bag drop. A check-in will be constructed instead of place that the café is now, and two cafes will be built at two corners of the site. There will be also an ATM and a place that passengers can hire cars. Further development will be the construction of a shop near security passport control. Additionally, the number of gates will be escalated by 10 in the next year. Likewise, the number of doors for entering and exiting will double. Finally, the walk way will be converted to a sky train.

Overall, by the next year, more facilities will be provided in the site of airport.

Words: 174


Sample No7

The two plans of an airport give information about the site currently and after development next year. The initial impression is that the developmental plan will be the expansion of the airport, and they have a plan to develop facilities as well as amenities.

As can be seen, the most noticeable change will happen in adding more gates from 8 gates to 18 gates next year. As a result, they have to replace the walking way with a new modern SkyTrain, so not only does SkyTrain make communication faster, but it also lets people easily have access to different gates.

Regarding new facilities, the location of the cafe will be changed from northeast to southwest in the departures section also they will add another cafe to the arrivals section. The check-in section will be on the right side of the departures after development. Moreover, in the developed plan, there will be a new bag drop in the departures section. Finally adding more facilities such as car hire in arrivals as well as ATM for passengers.

Words: 175


Sample No8

The given plans below illustrate the site of the airport and the changes proposed to it in the future. It can be seen that the changes proposed are for a better airport, and some facilities will be added for greater hospitalities.

At the present, the airport has two main sectors for departures and arrivals. The Departure sector has some sections like check-in, cafe, security, and passport control. The arrivals sector contains a passport control section and a customs section. These Two main sectors are connected to 8 gates by a walkway.

The future plans of the airport show that each of the main parts has two entrances. However, in the departure section, a bag drop and shops will be added. Instead, arrivals will be added to several facilities like cafe and ATM. In addition to this section in the right-hand corner will be expanded for car hire. The arrival sector and the departure sector will be connected to 18 gates by sky train.

Overall, the southwest airport will be based on better facilities for passengers in the future.

Words: 178


Sample No9

The two maps illustrate the position of an airport which is planned to improve next year.

Overall, it is clear that, while some facilities, namely security passport control, passport control customs and some gates will remain stable, a number of facilities or a piece of equipment, namely care hire, ATM, bag drop, café, some gates and shops will be added to the airport site to improve the quality of the airport area.

Looking at the information in more detail, two great developments of the site of an airport are that, although there are eight gates, there will be added ten gates to the area, besides due to this development, they also want to replace walkway with sky train, so passengers can commute between gates quickly and easily in the future. In addition, not only does the current café will be moved to the southwest of the airport, but also it is planned to build a new café on another side of the area.

As can be seen, now, passengers cannot access the taxi for commuting between the airport place and another place, but the station of car hire will be built as soon as possible. Moreover, they will add a new entrance for the departures part; likewise, they will establish a new door for the arrivals part. Finally, there will be an ATM machine in the airport place next year.

Words: 230


Sample No10

The given maps compare the area of an airport and its development which will take place next years.

Overall, a comparison between two maps reveals complete transformation namely in commuting of travellers.

It can be seen that there are several important changes. One of the most significant changes is the number of gates. It is expected that it will be increased from 8 gates to 18 gates which will make transportation of commuters much more comfortable. To the east of gates, the walkway will be removed and replaced by a sky train in the central area of entrance. Moreover, new shops will be constructed on the opposite side of security passport control which is vacant now. It is clear that a new café and ATM will be built in the right side, in front of arrivals where is undeveloped right now. In addition, a car hire zone will be considered next to arrivals.

In departure area, the check in will be demolished and replaced by bad drop. Existence café in there will be knocked down to make way for a new check in. A new café will be constructed in the left side, in the opposite of bag drop.

Words: 199


Sample No11

The maps illustrate the Southwest airport's current floorplan and the proposed blueprint for the following year. From the overall perspective, the site will be more customer-oriented by developing more facilities such as expanding the number of gates, ATM, a car lease center and shops.

As regard gates, by next year, it is predicted that the site will have been expanded from two wings so as to accommodate eight more gates and double the number of doors for departure and arrival, curbing the mass- population in transition. The second intriguing prospect reform is the introducing a new place for the renting car accelerating arrived- patrons' transport to their intended destination in the more convenient mode.

As for the Southwest airport inside alteration, the café will be transferred into other corners just adjacent to the departure doors to give a room for establishing a place for check-in, as a bag-drop room will be replaced the former check-in. An Atm and another café will be constructed on the other side to welcome arrived- passengers. While the security screeningpassport will remain in the exact location, a shop, the conventional walkway will be removed to make space for an advanced- sky train.

Words: 197


Sample No12

The given map provides an outlook from the current design of an airport and a plan by which it illustrates its future appearance after a year.

It is conspicuous that many new facilities are supposed to be added to the airport, along with relocating some of the other parts. Notably, the size of the airport will become a little larger than its current size.

To begin with, the small rectangular site of the entrance to the airport with eight gates will be converted to a by far much bigger Y shape area with almost more than doubled gates. The map belongs to the current form of the airport demonstrates a walkway trough which travelers can either enter or exit from the building, while after the redevelopment of it, a new sky train will serve them for transporting.

Moreover, in the arrival hall, a new ATM, a café, and a car hire center will be opened to the right side of it, while in the departure hall, a bag drop area will be constructed in the top left corner. Some new shops, also, will be established in a smaller hall, between the security and passport controlling area, and gates area. In addition, one more entry will be opened at both the departure and the arrival sections to make more space for passengers when they are passing them.

In terms of relocated facilities, a café in the top right corner of the departure hall will be transferred to the opposite location in the bottom left corner, and the check-in section will be moved to the right side of the hall to make way for the new mentioned bag drop area.

Words: 278


Sample No13

The plans below show the site of an airport now and how it will look after redevelopment next year.

The given maps demonstrate the setting and appearance of Southwest Airport currently and after refurbishment. It is noticeable that a lot of modifications can be observed during rebuilding.

According to the current map, the check-in section is located on the left corner of departures and the café is situated in front of it. In the northern part of the sections of security passport control and passport control customs, there are eight gates and two walkways.

Looking more closely at the map of future development of the airport, a lot of modifications can be observed. The location of the cafe and restaurant will be changed and they will be located opposite each other. A new section named bag drop will be built next to the security passport control and will be placed instead of the check-in section. In arrivals section, another café will be constructed and an ATM will be added to this place.

After rebuilding the airport, a new place will be constructed on the right corner of arrival section named car hire. Shops will be built at the top of the security passport control section and walkway will be replaced by sky train. The number of gates after refurbishment will be increased significantly to 18, which is ten more than the present time.

Words: 233


Sample No14

The two given illustrations depict data about the current plot of an airport, and its layout after renovation next year.

As an overall trend, it is apparent from the information supplied that the Southwest airport would undergo a relative development with growth in amenities expansion in the area of the airport.

Focusing on the present-day map, in the South part of the airport, there is an entrance for arrivals on the right side. Next to this, there is an exit door for departures with two separate halls for both of them. A security passport control section is located on the north side of the departures hall near a cafe and a check-in section. Similarly, there is a passport control costumes part on the north side of the other aisle. In addition, there is a vacant part in the vicinity of the above-mentioned areas that a square space is located in the neighborhood of this part where two walkaways for passengers are constructed there. Moreover, there are eight gates around this square zone.

Moving on the predictions, it can be seen that the gates section will be extended to the Y-shape area with eighteen separate gates, and two sky trains will be replaced by walkways. To the north side of the security passport control zone, in an empty plot, ships will be constructed. Although the old halls will be remained unchanged, a new café, an ATM, and a car hire will be built in arrivals hall as well as a check-in section, a bag drop part being replaced by the old check-in, and a new café being relocated will be constructed.

Words: 270


Sample No15

The two maps illustrate the plan of an airport at the present and its final design after applying some enhancements in the following year.

Overall, it can be seen that there will be a considerable increase in provision of transport facilities and welfare services, utilizing empty spaces or extra lands to apply them.

A major alteration is going to make in both departure and arrival lounges by which the number of their entrance will double. In addition, the departure section will equip with bag drop facility, alongside two other available ones, as well passengers in arrival part will provided with café, ATM, and car hire equipment for the first time in the history of the airport. Moreover, some shop stores are going to launch to give travelers the opportunity of purchasing for their requirements or some souvenirs.

The other significant development would be the growth in the number of gates which will be swelled to 18. To accommodate these gates, more grounds are adopt to construct and locate them. In order to facilitate commuting between gates and reach a specific one, sky train will replace walkway.

Words: 186


Sample No16

Depicted are two maps illustrating the current design of an airport and the proposed modification to develop it.

Overall perspective, the initial impression from the maps reveals that the majority of developments will be concerning the expansion of the numbers of gates and appending of several new amenities to the airport.

Look at the changes in more detail, although no alternation will be planned about the relocation of the departure and arrival entrance, additional doors will be going to install. Besides, as the planned development design illustrates, the check-in will be shifted from the left side of the departure space to the opposite side in favor of establishing a new room for a bag drop area, where the café will be repositioned to the south side of the bag drop.

Furthermore, there are plans to construct a café, an ATM, and a car hire that necessities expanding the size of arrival space.

Regarding the upper side of the airport, meanwhile, security, passport control, and customs will witness no alternations, shops will be erected upper side of the security section for departure. Further changes which are worth mentioning are the conversion of a walkway into a long sky train as well as building two new paths with almost doubled gates, reaching from 8 to 18 after renovation.

Words: 186


Sample No17

The two maps compare the current plan of the Southwest airport with a layout after renovation of the same place, in the next year.

The most noticeable changes which will be appeared in the proposed plan, are the construction of two rectangular parts with 45 degrees rotation from the highest part of the current layout and installing a sky train, which both leads to increasing the number of gates by ten.

It can be seen from the south side of the gates entrance, that there are no plans to make any changes to security, passport control and customs location, whereas some shops will be allocated to the new plan, between the entrance of gates and security section.

According to the most southern side of the airport’s outline, the location of arrival and departure entrance would not be changed, only one further door will be considered in new design of both entrances. There are also some changes in sketch of arrival and departure space such as, replacing check-in part in existing plan with bag drop section in new design, diagonal displacement of café in departure space, besides some additional facilities like an extra café, an ATM device and a section for renting cars will be added in arrivals space.

Words: 208


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