Trong bài đăng này, IELTS Thư Đặng chia sẻ với các bạn 8 bài mẫu đã được biên soạn với Band điểm 7.5 IELTS.

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Trong bài đăng này, IELTS Thư Đặng chia sẻ với các bạn 8 bài mẫu đã được biên soạn với Band điểm 7.5 IELTS.

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The plans below show the site of an airport now and how it will look after redevelopment next year.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.


Trong bài đăng này, IELTS Thư Đặng chia sẻ với các bạn 8 bài mẫu đã được biên soạn với Band điểm 7.5 IELTS.

Chúng ta cùng xem xét câu hỏi:

The plans below show the site of an airport now and how it will look after redevelopment next year.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Sample No1

The alterations that an airport will go through in the following year are illustrated in the given layouts. Overall, it is apparent that by the next year site of the airport will  have  changed  dramatically.  The  most  prominent  change  will  be  the  addition  of  a number of gates on the northernmost part of the airport. 

The  current  layout  of  the  airport  has  a  cylindrical  shape.  There  are  eight  gates  surrounding  the  northern  walkaway,  which  is  in  a  square  shape  chamber.  On  the  departure  site,  security  and  passport  control  are  located.  Just  below  the  passport  control, on the right corner, a café is available. On the western part of the departure site, check-in is placed.

By the following year, the plan of the airport will have altered sweepingly. A “Y” shape  area  is  supposed  to  be  developed  on  the  north  part  of  the  airport,  which  it  would be surrounded by 18 gates with sky trains in the middle. Shops are anticipated to be  built  above  security  and  passport control.  The  café  location  will  be  replaced  with  check-in  and  a  new  facility  named  bag  drop  will  be  added  to  the  previous location of check-in. On the arrival site of the future airport, passport control customs will remain unaltered, but a brand-new café, ATM, and car hire will be extended on the right side of the arrival section. 

Words: 225


Sample No2

Given are two maps show variations which will be happened till next year in southwest airport.  There will be several development during this year which will lead to the emergence of more  facilities, and better infrastructures.


Security, passport control, and customs are the parts, which will remain unchanged, while the check-in part in the left side of departures will move to the right, and a bag drop will be constructed instead of it. Café located in the northeast of departures is going to be in the southwest of it, and also, a new café will be established in the north east of arrivals. In this segment, also, new facilities, including ATM and car hire will be constructed in the right side under café, and southeast corner, respectively.


Furthermore, the number of doors of arrivals and departures flight area will double until next year. Likewise, the number of gates situated on the north of airport, which are eight will increase by 10, and their shape will modify from a simple-squared shape to a triangle one. The  walkway positioned near the left gates, on the other hand, will disappear and a sky train will be  constructed in the approximate same region, bigger in size compared to walkway.  Overall, the comparison of the two maps reveals a major change from quiet airport to a thriving  commercial area in the next year.


Words: 228


Sample No3

The two side-by-side diagrams illustrate the area of an airport after and before the prospective modifications and expansions.


Overall, it is predicted that the Southwest airport will welcome more passengers and make their arrival and departure more convenient by installing a car hire, a bag drop center, and also building more gates and passageways.


It is noticeable that the airport is planning on modernizing the place by

substituting the walkway with a sky train and installing an ATM near the café. It is also suggested that in order to increase the number of passengers, have more flights, and cover more possible destinations, two new gates be opened beside the main doors of the complex and ten more stations be built at the end part of the facility.


Although the shops are now diminished to open up travelers’ ways, one new coffee shop will be constructed near the departures gate to provide people with what they need. Also, due to the demand of newcomers and travelers, it is suggested to install one car hire department near the arrival gates.


Words: 178


Sample No4

The diagrams illustrate how the airport which is located in the southwest is planned to develop  in next year.


Overall, there are plans for changing in some areas, namely recreational, transport, commercial  and financial facilities, whereas in security facilities will remain unchanged.


Presently, there art 8 Gates from 1 to 8 which is located in the north. The Passenger for moving among these gates uses walkways. There is a security passport control in the left of the middle  airport and a passport control customs is the opposite. Also in the departure area, a check-in  area is located west of it and there is a café in the east of this area. There is an entrance for  departure and arrivals in the south of the Airport.


There are plans to develop in the number of gates and are going to increase at 18 (from 1 to 18). The walkway is going to be diminished and replaced with a sky train in the middle space of  the gates. There will be built a shop in West of the airport which is going be sited in North of  departure area and after security passport control area. There are plans to construct a bag drop  and relocate the café to the southwest. The check-in area will move to the west of the  departure area. In addition, there is a plan to increase the number of entrances in the  departure and arrivals area from 1 to 2.


Words: 242



Sample No5

The maps depict the current situation of an airport and the developments which will be happened  next year.


Overall, the airport will undergo dramatic changes as some locations are going to be relocated, a  few stores and facilities will be set up.


On the departure side, in the east, there is a café which will be moved to the southwest of this  sector. In addition, where the check-in stands to the west of the café, there will be a bag drop, and the check-in is going to be in the northeast of the departure part. Moreover, some new shops are projected to be constructed in the northwest of this part. Finally, the number of doors of this part will be expanded.


With regard to the arrival section, a new café will be opened. Furthermore, to the south of the café, an ATM and a car hire store are going to be situated. In addition, the number of doors of this part will increase.


Eventually, the number of gates located in the north of the airport will rise from 8 to 18 in the next year. Moreover, the walkway allocated to departed passengers will be converted into a sky train for all passengers.


Words: 202


Sample No6

The map illustrates how Southwest Airport will be developed over a year.


Overall,  it  is  going  to  expand  from  the  northern  side,  while  there  will  be  tiny  changes  on  the opposite side. Furthermore, with exception of the walkway, other features will  maintain and we  will witness the addition of better facilities and infrastructures.


Currently, the airport is divided into two parts; departures on the left and arrivals on the right, to  which each of them has one access. The only room in the arrivals part is the passport control and  customs room located between the hall and gates that are in the same size and form of security and passport control room. The only coffee shop of the airport is on the departures section situated top  right corner of the hall, approximately opposite check-in.


By next year, there will be a considerable increase in the number of gates, from 8 to 18, that will  impact the shape of the northern side of the airport. With this maximization, walkway is going to  be substituted by sky train. Moreover, a café, an ATM, and a car hire station will add to arrivals  section, which will be located from top to bottom on the east side of the airport building. A bag  drop and shop zone are two other things we will see in departure part. Interestingly, an entrance  will be added to each section.


Words: 202


Sample No7

The map depicts the current scheme of an airport and how it is planned to be expanded next year.


It is obvious that a lot of modification is going to be done on the airport site by the next year.


As can be seen from the current scheme, the check-in area is located at the northeast corner of the departures zone which is going to be replaced by a bag drop section. The Check-in area itself will be moved toward the opposite side of this area. Similarly, there is a café in the northeast corner of this area which will be relocated to the southwestcorner.  At the eastern part of the arrival zone, some facilities are going to be constructed for passengers including a café, an ATM, and a station for hiring cars.


Looking at top of the current map, it is obvious that once tickets and passports of passengers are checked they have to walk through a rectangular–like gate numbering 1 to 8. However, it is planned to be expanded to 18 sections. To be more precise a V-shaped part will be constructed on top of the former gate through which travelers will need to take the developed sky train. In addition, some shops will be built in the northern part of the security passport control region.


Words: 219


Sample No8

The  maps  illustrate  the  redevelopment of  Southwest  Airport planned  to  happen  in  the near future.


Overall,  although  this  development  will  retain  the  3-block-complex design  of  the airport including departure/arrival halls, security area, and pier, its new architectural features will be marked by the expansion in area and the changes in the design of the pier.


While the departure/arrival halls will undergo no significant changes in architecture, the number of zones in these two halls increases by over twofold. A bag drop zone will  replace  the  check-in  zone,  which  will  be  relocated  to the  opposite  side.  Also, the cafe will be relocated to the left corner of the entrance, near the bag drop zone. There will be an expansion in the area of the arrival hall, with a car hire zone being established on this new ground. On the same side of the car hire zone, a cafe and an ATM zone will be added.


The  pier  will  undergo  a  remarkable  change  in  design  terms,  bearing  a Y-shaped architecture, resulting in its area being expanded  significantly.  The  number  of boarding gates will increase accordingly, from 8 to 18 gates. A sky train installed in the middle of the pier will replace the walkway as a result of these changes in design.  Sandwiched between the pier and departure/arrival halls, the security area including  security passport control and passport control custom will almost remain unchanged,  except for the appearance of shops near the security passport control.


Words: 243


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